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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. a cyclist big domestic the hospital. the driver kept on going hit another car and finally coming to a stop on the sidewalk. police say it looked like alcohol played a
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part in all of this. we have a crew on the scene will bring you updates as they become available. by a i did all of this debate to allow the buyer at a residential structure in san francisco. so far no injuries that been reported. investigators looking into a cause. the will of fallinpolice were callea shooting at the delta pilots apartment on sycamore street. the defense demanded from what looked like a shotgun wound. also at apple biased explosive device with them. it was not a bum. b.p,bomb. new lin
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>> kid pitchers will be a little bit cooler compared to yesterday and again in the evening hours when habited to force body right approach it from the coastline. 54 of them tell said his colt. 41 in concordord. could see a 70 degree reading in livermore. oakland 68. 644 richmond. 674 redwood city. satellite and radar shows that we are contending with a system still off shore. that will
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bring wet weather to the bay area as early as this afternoon. having been looking said some of the most recent models the right should hold all of the letter to my. future cast 4 shells by 6:00 p.m. contending with the cloud cover associated with this system. later in the evening hours and 11:00 p.m. may be a light wave approaching the coast line. it could be a messy one wake up friday morning. at 7:00 potentially heavy downpours for the delta parts of the coastline. places like hayward and livermore. wide spread like rate for most of the bay area. we will continue with the showers even into the evening in the afternoon hours. that is
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not the end of the but whether, in fact the storm door is officially open we are dealing with a series of systems every day that could bring rates the bay area.the cold front will be saturday into sunday. . a heavy downpours gusty conditions. a wind gust could reach 30 mi. per hour. monday the potential for a shower. we continue to see wet weather at least a 30 percent chance to thursday then stashed tuesday and wednesday. bea >> we are seeing top speeds from the approaches. no backup of the san mateo bridge. the drive 12 minutes for inactive. the
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golden gate bridge ride doing just fine southbound 101 you may end of the road work other than clear conditions coming out of the back to some headlines a 5 year old boy is recovering from being hit by car less but. the accident happened shortly after 5:00 p.m. the 3500 block of lakeshore avenue near lake merritt. the child was taken to the hospital with head trauma. less that the interest not appear to be life-threatening. the driver of the vehicle stopped at the scene and the corporate with investigating officers. >> cleanup efforts to impose liens in the city after an amalgam of blood. it happened with a pipe burst. with agreement in the forecast city crews and residents there are using bales of hay and other barricades and bulldozers.
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the main efforts today to bargain over the weekend is making sure the work that we hear is protected the president and the neighborhood. the cause and the adverse mud flows. t >> crews spent much of a day digging a trench that they hope will divert a run off from the coming storm. this is not the first time there's been problems in that daly city neighborhood. we have a video from in the 2000 just 12 years ago at other mudslide the very same street. the water directors said that looks like happened because a reservoir overflowed. this time it was a pipe connecting to the aggressive war that broke. >> does the first that we have had a catastrophic incident that may break. >> it is pretty close item
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with a weapon for the the three or four years. i have to to worry about. >> workers continue to clean up the mess in hopes taken wash the dirt away before the late fall. >> live with them but that could change by letter to the mic especially by this weekend. san mateo 44 degrees. 66 the daytime high. we will be right back.
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we are back 4:09 a.m. as the time. futures look positive. we have dow futures the as be in the gas back. all
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three of contrast to yesterday. at the end of the day the dow was them one with a fine print. tfifth.down.e talked about the oil spill that happen and claims. facebook shares were newly available to trade on wednesday. facebook but trend with a 12% gang the prospect of so many shares flooding the market. according to some analysts the lot about the now out of the way may spark other
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investors to look at facebook before we can see it as a buying opportunity. we will seek the share continues to rise this morning. >> kids want technology for christmas. which gets the kids want. maybe some of the surprise. ebays to 12 holiday wish lists show kids from 20-12 what laptops. tablets or in four spath place. as you concede some of the android fro from new are coming in fifth. wal-mart has launched their goodies
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program. each year wal-mart will set of a good box filled with five to eight items for the crabs to enjoy it. it is a service that cost about $7 per month including the shipping and handling. the portion of our sair rent from organic items to and the product. the members agree box includes pumpkin souffle mix, white tatar popcorn,. leakey's may last until the next millennium with the company who makes them may not. hostas will file a motion to liquidate the company tomorrow if employers do not return to work today. >> the closing of bakeries in seattle, st. louis, and cincinnati. workers at the happy. " this has been
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collected in to organize a detected a lever and betsy. . weather is one of the big stories we are following. in oakland this 50 degrees looking for a 68 this afternoon. increasing chiseled gray into tonight. it looks like a wet weekend ahead.
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do not be surprised if the winds and takeoff along the coastline. by 7:00 p.m. tonight we will see '60s to the heart of the bay and '50s and what campeverywhere el6 . >> 68 in walnut creek. the north bay looks relatively mild. petaluma 63. 67 for berkeley. downtown san francisco mid '60s. 62 degrees if you are heading to ocean beach. satellite and radar we are tracking a system that is on to approach from the eastern pacific. we do have the potential for showers along the coastline later tonight. i have been looking at most of the models it looks like the rain transit should hold off until the overnight
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hours. we will guarantee to see rain waking up tomorrow morning. potentially a messy commute. friday morning we will continue to see showers with the rest of the day on friday as well. futurecast 4 does not show too much into thursday. it is really friday we will see the wet weather. wickiup 7:00 a.m. on friday we could see heavy downpours for the delta and parts of the coastline. saturday it looks like the storm will pass through it will be wet for that morning. drier conditions even sunshine into the afternoon. saturday night heading into sunday where we are tracking the most significant system this one dropping down from the pacific northwest. heavy rain and gusty conditions will be on the back end of that into sunday morning. we do have the potential for wet weather as we start the next work week. that is a 30 percent chance. the greater
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chance is in the north bay. we will keep an eye on your forecast for you right here on kron 4. >> in the traffic center is quiet no hot spots. looking at the bridge is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza just find out oakland into the city. no weight at the toll plaza. we are seeing top speeds up the incline. at the san mateo bridge no delays in getting to the bridge. taillights heading out toward foster city. southbound 101 doing fine. no issues with visibility. on our traffic maps smooth sailing coming down the east shore freeway. i am keeping an eye on interstate 580. one of the first parts to back up. all clear on the roadway centers west bound of the altamonte pass. speeds are over 50 mi. per hour. the same goes for south bay traffic. north bound 101 and interstate
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280. >> james. >> thank you erica. the body of sierra lamar has not been found. the man accused of kidnapping and killing her had targeted other victims before the morgan hill teenagers disappeared. torres has been charged with attempting to carjack three other women dating back to 2009. all three cases happened in or near the parking lot of two safeway stores in morgan hill. in one case he allegedly used a stun guns. all three victims were able to escape. >> i think is positive development. they are building the case and try to show a pattern. all that is good. from us what we are focused on is finding sierra and find the answers for turning to sierra that is our focus. what this will do
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we are hoping this will bring it back to the forefront and maybe inspire some people to call in to the tip line with information they have regarding sierra. >> prosecutors are still undecided about whether to ask for the death penalty. garcia torras has still not entered a formal plea. he is due back in court december 10th. it has been a violent year for crime and antioch. law enforcement say they are not enough police resources. take a look at the statistics. homicides up 25% from last year. rape is up 33%. robberies and aggravated assaults have increased. violent crime is up a total of 37% while the rest are down 17%. council members say one option is a tax increase to pay for police officers that were lost in recent years due to
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budget cuts. >> we cannot do it alone. we have to have the community's support. they are part of the partnership of coming up with a solution because we have done all we can add the police chief is doing all he can with the limited amount of staff if we have. >> the city council said it has a plan to reduce violent crime is the number one item on their agenda once the new council is sworn into office this coming january. >> the family of a 12 year old bottle girl hit and killed by car in september as filing a lawsuit. haley ratliff was hit on her bike while riding with her family. it was said hail it but had failed to heal. the city--city was filed against the the city of novato in
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hopes that they would be more conscious of these crimes. >> the family is also suing the driver and the drivers employer pg&e despite the police department's investigation of haiti's death desciting the driver did not break the law. >> we have wet weather in bound probably for tonight erica says brace yourself we have it wed series of days ahead and yes. your weekend looks like a soccer. 55 in san francisco. 65 later this afternoon.
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we are back. national headlines this morning today scheduled hearing for colorado movie theater suspect james holmes has been postponed. his attorney
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is requested a delay after the suspect was taken to the hospital for an unspecified injury. he is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others in the screening of the latest bad man film in this past july. >> also this morning the doping scandal surrounding lance armstrong is causing yet another big change. his foundation has dropped his name from its title. for years the foundation has been known as a live strong. it is now officially called a live strong foundation. on strong, founded the cancer charity in 1997 after he was diagnosed with cancer. the cyclist at the win from the organization last month. >> the new clear of the communist party of china has been named chairman of the military commission. he has attended--he's the head of a
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leadership team that has been reduced from nine to seven people. the decision by the outgoing chinese president to relieve which control allows control of the party to be consolidated. this is at a time when slowing growth and rising political and economic challenges posed a headache. we will see what he does to our and that out. the jewish state on the leash airstrikes and local reports say three her mossoldies have been killed. president obama has spoken to leaders in israel and egypt. most notable early hamas military chief. >> we will be following it
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throughout the day. following weather as well as the traffic. a look at your wet forecast throughout the day.
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for 38 years. we continue to follow a developing story where a woman leaves the chp on a high-speed chase that ended in a crash. the woman was driving west bound across the bay bridge the upper deck heading into san francisco and sped through a construction zone. police began to chase her and she later slammed into a parked car the impact powerful enough to send a parked car and a cyclist. the victim is a ticket to the hospital. it is a clear how bad the interests of that person mark. i am pretty sure this righ not sure this the right field. police say it looks
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like alcohol played a part in all of this. we have the crew on the scene we will bring you updates as more information continues to come in. we will let you know when we find out more. meanwhile we are following a story out of san francisco. a two of the house fire least two people displaced. kron 4 is mike pelton is on the scene. our solo work for giving us the letter. mike are firefighters still there are they cleared?. one truck still remains and some of the residents remain in and out of a place to live for now. one of them in the front of your screen. they said the firep broke out around--early this morning spirit >> you see a few of the will of the sidewalk as fire crews are going through
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checking for hot spots making sure everything is ok with this building. i have seen them come in and take out a lot of debris. they say the fire likely started a the bottom left unit. you can see some of the flashlights or the fire crews are inside the unit. they tell me it was accidental. the good news is everyone is ok. i will send it back to you in the studio. and lot of people are angry. one gentleman has lived here 30 years and never experienced anything like this. he says he's tired. >> thank you mike for that update. with him at the scene we will check back and get warm update as firefighters continue to monitor for hot spots. let us take it out to the east bay we have another story out of antioch were police are investigating a murder that happened around 9:00 p.m. last night. and shooting at the delta pot apartment on sycamore drive. officers found a 32 year-old
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male dead from what looked like a gunshot wound. while in the apartment officer spotted what looked to be improvised explosive device. they called in the walnut creek bomb squad and they determined it was not a bomb. it was safely removed from the park. >> let us turn to the weather that is our other top story we have rain on the way. it was the house and we see it. good morning erica. good morning to you james'. i was looking over some of the models we could get it as somearly as this morning. >> it should be a dry day to day we will see an increase and cloud cover however an uptake in wins. not only that the sea breeze will take in and will not be as warm as it was yesterday. the problems with visibility as we take it live to the james lick freeway in our downtown san
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francisco camera. rainfall will happen in the late evening hours. guaranteed tomorrow as we wake up. it could be a messy morning commute. we will see on and off showers through friday. we will continue with unsettled weather through the weekend. the system could bring the most rain heavy downpours scheduled saturday into sunday. this could impact your weaken plants. full details on your dextended forecast coming in just a moment. vallejo at 52. 39 in fairfield. that is the coldest spot around the bay area. low 50s for daly city san francisco. 46 in the bottle. livermore at 43. into the afternoon widespread '60s a healthy mixed. low sixties for half moon bay. upper 60s in concord. livermore could see
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70 degrees. 66 for san jose. satellite and radar we are tracking system this one will come in from the pacific. the first potential for wet weather will be along the coast line. futurecast 4 shows in to 6:00 p.m.. a lot of cloud cover but nothing in the way of rain. as we advance the clock to 11:00 p.m. tonight may be a stray shower along the coastline. it looks like the moisture is sitting offshore. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow widespread rain expected to blanket the bay area. with could pick up some heavy downpours for the delta parts of our east bay shoreline and parts of the coast. wet weather to out friday. maybe a tribrach of the southern peninsula. it looks like they will start to back off we will be on the back in the the system into saturday morning.
4:36 am
saturday afternoon it looks dry with mostly sunny conditions. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast should return saturday evening. with that heavy rain overnight lasting into sunday. scattered showers sunday morning. potential for some rain monday into the middle of next week. however, there is not a lot of confidence around that system. it looks like the chance decrees south of the golden gate bridge. now it looks like a 30 percent chance of showers and temperatures in the '60s. that is something we will monitor for you on kron 4. a quick bridge check. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza doing just fine out of oakland. cars sailing with no metering lights to deal with. san mateo bridge traffic is flowing freely in the westbound direction outdoors foster city. no delays at the 1 1/92 interchange. southbound 101
4:37 am
the golden gate bridge looking good. no issues with visibility. the drive 22 minutes from novato into the city. james'. >> thank you erica back to the headlines former david peteaus. would testify in the attack on libya. there was some question about whether he would testify after he retired friday in the wake of a meeting today if there. he says he can't appear before the senate as early as friday we will be looking for that. meanwhile at the center of the scandal the woman who took up tracpetreaus s without her security clearance. her mom was rated after she said to the fbi she took documents from a government building. the fbi
4:38 am
is trying to decide whether to charge brought well with a kron. >> we will take a break it is for 30 7:00 a.m.. we are expecting rain had our way tonight in to the weekend we will have more on your forecast.
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the time is for 30 9:00 a.m.. mitt romney says the president won the election by to minorities and young voters. the candidates made the comment while on the phone with donors. free contraceptives were offered to woo young women will dispirit and frites' amnesty for hispanic voters.
4:41 am
>> i have to reject that notion that description. i think that is absolutely wrong. i do not think that represents where we are is a party and where we are going of the party. most of the middle takeaways in this election. >> in order for the gop to become competitive it has to " go after 100% of the votes no 53% we need to go after every single vote he says. the criticism seemed to take a swipe at romney 47%, but earlier this year. >> confidence has waned in the nine states since the election four years ago. most americans are still optimistic about the next four years. according to a gallup poll in which it found 69 percent of americans received the u.s. as a country greatly divided when it comes the most important values. perhaps because of his perceived by a vast majority 74 percent
4:42 am
think the president should emphasize both partieissues thah parties support. 41 percent think we will be worse off in four years or 54% says we will notl be better off. >> it to weaken we have rain on the way. erica will give you the updated the bottom of the hour. if you missed we have another check in a moment. 67 by this afternoon it will warm up. enjoy today it will cool down and
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we are back at4:44. the big story is our web erica joins us with all the cells. >> the release last friday of romney ar--mid '40's out then san jose. oakland 50 degrees. 41 in concord. up the third is in fairfield. remember temperatures will continue to drop as we pushed in closer to sunrise. we see where the numbers will go into the afternoon futurecast 4 set up for 2:00 p.m.. in afternoon highs will bring plenty of '60s. was the increase in a cloud cover. when will pick up along the coastline as we pushed into the evening hours temperatures will drop to the '50s and '60s.
4:46 am
your afternoon highs a neighborhood by neighborhood slightly cool conditions compared to yesterday's. the sea breeze will kick in. we will go up a couple of degrees in the south bay. milpitas 67. 664 sun belt. aquino at 68. east bay inland valleys antioch 67. 684 while the creek. keeping it in the low sixties for alameda and san leandro. downtown san francisco at 65. could pick up 64 from san bruno 66 in san raphael. some light and radasatellite ane are tracking--friday morning we will be contending for wet weather for most of the bay area. futurecast 4 4:07 a.m. you could see the green
4:47 am
on your screen is a little darker this morning which indicates heavier rain. the yellow moderate rain for the delta. part of the east bay and probably a little bit along the coast. we will continue to see the showers throughout most of the day it could be a messy evening commute home. we will hombe on the back end of this. saturday afternoon with most of sunny conditions. sunday we are tracking in other system dropping down from the pacific northwest because the heavy downpour gusty conditions. gusts up to 30 mi. per hour. we will be on the back end of that by sunday. expect morning rain and afternoon sunshine. as we start the next work week another round of wet weather however, there is not much confidence in those models. we could see rain and north of the golden gate bridge. the chance decreases south of that. we will keep an eye on the forecast
4:48 am
getting you out the door in the traffic center. >> looking good at the approach bay bridge toll plaza. an uptick in the volume other than that all is well. san mateo bridge during find out what foster city. the drive 12 minute from end to end. as live look at the golden gate bridge shows could conditions coming out of the north bay. south bay freeway all is well. i have checked with the chp no accidents to report. north bound 101. the problems for north bound to 80. and the north bay the drive 22 minutes out of novato into the city. we're single green on our roadways answers indicating speeds over 50 mi. per hour. i want to slide here all is well in san francisco interstate 280. i have been checking no incidents for the bayshore freeway. the dumbarton bridge looks good.
4:49 am
no problems throughout the bay area. for those of you taking public transit you are good to go for a.c. transit, bart, as well as age train no. 1. >> thank you erica. and they carry headlines tuition increases was one of the hot topics at the recent meeting in san fiscal. the reason finance committee o k it was with the 20132410 school year.3/2014 school year. california governor jerry brown told the regents not to count on it. >> this state have to increase its general fund commitment to the university 12 percent every year. last 12% eric is very unlikely to hahas happened. without the money or a portion of it the
4:50 am
universities will have to change their plans by cutting programs and cutting construction or have to find ways to raise additional revenue which could include tuition hikes. >> retail sales fell in october for the first time in four months. the census bureau has reported 3% drop for the last month. car dealers, furniture, electronics and people shop the hardware stores also drop in business. realtors are calling it a hot commodity. we are talking about the neighborhood of nnob in oakland. it is attracting people from all over. is in north open near berkeley and he revealed. the neighborhood is becoming more gentrified. restaurants and commuting are some of the it sees
4:51 am
better making it more appealing. >> their time to complete the change what makes open gate and so in that sense it is bringing a little bit different flavor. as long as we can keep that diversity within the city it will work in the end. >> home prices have gone up low interest rates are pushing cells along even faster. >> in bay area sports it was don nelson hall of fame not at the warriors' game as it took on the alleged talks. nelson was backing oakland for the first time since being conducted into the basketball hall of fame. it was also a big night for harrison bart to have a career high of 18.13 rebounds. the warmor is win 92- 88. >> alex smith was on the field last night in practice. you see walking along. smith has passed all concussion test of the last
4:52 am
few days. the word is he's on track to start monday night as they face the chicago bears. smith says the helmet to helmet hit in the first quarter of last of this game contributed to his concussion but it was the quarterback sneak and the second the cost and to leave the game. >> going along the process now. not getting excited. i am doing what they tell me moving along. the contact was the final straw but i was out the to then had a black jersey on. i will be out there. >> the 49ers take on the chicago bears on monday night football that is at 5:30 p.m.. >> hi my name is is different and i am trying to be a swimmer on the best- cows when team and i cannot
4:53 am
wait to be a part of this wanting for talent you could tell. even >> missy verbally committed last month of cal made it official yesterday she perhaps is the most decorated swimmer to enter college with four gold medals and a bronze burned all while in high school. isn't that crazy!. it is for:53. we will take our bbreak. 60 to greece in san mateo we are lookina rain is ony we'll have another look at it coming in a moment.
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we are back. it is for 50
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5:00 a.m.. thanksgiving is a week from today. you probably have not heard many thanksgiving carol some less to have caught a you to video that has gone viral. it features a 12 year-old california girl. paul shankman has the story behind the song that has gotten millions of hits in one week. >> there are hundreds of songs about christmas when it comes to taxing that is a different tune or a least it used to be. >> i was just a singer. >> nicole westbrook was only 12 years old has become an internet sensation. >> yeah out. five men hit. >> a: her family moved from st. louis loss angeles giving her an opportunity to pursue our showbiz drinks. her big break came seven months ago when she was discovered by a video producer who had a similar internet hit last year with a song called friday. now it is all about a thursday that has turned utube into her
4:57 am
to. i never thought it would get this many heads i never thought i would be on items. >> it was a dream come true. >> among those shot in eureka about nicole's sudden fame is her grandparents. >> i cannot believe >> that is not all they can't believe. >> i swear i am getting sick and tired of hearing that " low along with these generic pizza. >> it is being branded as turkey by some self- appointed critics. >> winemakers thing into a turkey drumsticks? >> it is an attitude that runs family. >> i could care less about what they think. >> whenever anyone think the cold nose was he has to be thankful for this thanksgiving. >> there you go. still ahead
4:58 am
on the kron 4 morning news will continue to follow developing news out of san francisco. police are investigating a high-speed chase that ended in a crash. residents in daly city still concerned about another flood especially in light of the forecast. some rain on the way we will check the forecast with their cut finding how much we can expect an how long it will last.
4:59 am
5:00 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. start now. >> after a woman escaped the chp get off the bay bridge, runs through the streets of san francisco and ultimately ends here. i'll have the details coming in a live report. >> a house fire in san francisco will have details of the straight ahead. >> violence escalating in the middle east with dozens of air strikes between israel and hamas with
5:01 am
threats of an all-out war. >> let us get to the forecast we have trained on the way good morning erica. >> good morning chance. it looks like the storm door is going to open. tracking a series of systems that could impact the bay area. sing a little bit of cloud cover. will the drive into the afternoon. again, we have the potential for wet weather. it could arrive as early as this evening. but hold off into the overnight hours. as we take a look at your temperatures 54 in downtown san francisco. 47 and oakland. these temperatures are headed into the afternoon while the you to futurecast for my next report. >> thank you erica to a good start to the morning commute not tracking any hot spots or delays. we are looking at light traffic at the bridges. highway for his light and so is interstate 580. it started to slow around the 205 interchange.
5:02 am
from your ride to the south bay to the peninsula you will find very light traffic. >> thank you george. at5:01. a high-speed chase into in the mission district. the woman who led police on the chase struck a parked car and that car flew into a cyclist. will transit joins us live. >> actually darn she had several parked cars. she got off the bay bridge the chp was following her she was in high speed. she crashed into the bicyclist here at 15 and the coma. you can see the skid marks on the ground. she slammed into a parked pickup trucks so badly she wiped out the power to the intersection. here is video of the first location natom
5:03 am
a. the cyclist was in the bicycle lane. we are trying to get confirmation from the chp when the parked car blew up hit the bicyclist. the bicyclist here is video of the bicyclist on a stretcher. he was taken to the hospital. he was alive but seriously injured. also because of this pursuit the driver was taken to the hospital. once the driver is checked out. we understand it is a female driver once she is checked out she will be taken into custody. there are many charges. we plan to call the chp. early we are talking about of aiding the chp evading arrest possibly the you i. and that is to some of the charges possibly many more to come depending on what happens to the cyclist. hopefully we will get more information including a live interview. if you can see a city worker busy this crash was terrific
5:04 am
at large in scale that wiped out the post that controlled the intersection. he has been here for a while now. the truck that was parked was actually lifted off of the ground on to the curb. two men on the back tire you can see because of the impact it deflated the back wheel. the ram is destroyed. that is how powerful the grass watch back to you. >> i have to ask they have a protocol for when there is a chachase. did they reach high speeds right away? what did they decide about continuing that on? >> i think he lost of radio communication. i do not think that will tran can hear us. >> let us go to another part of sentences " a story where firefighters are battling a two alarm blaze. and a san
5:05 am
francisco home it broke out around 2:00 a.m. this morning. mike pelton our solo reporter on the seed has been monitoring the situation might what is the update? >> fires crews just left here about 10 minutes ago and is now relatively quiet thursday morning. not the case a short time ago. an active scene. here is some of the video while crews were here a ticket to contain the fire. president woke up to a fire alarm and thick smoke around 2:00 a.m.. all residents managed to get out safely. by my count there were a dozen or so temporarily displaced people. firefighters say no injuries were reported. the bad news is that residents is the damage quite a bit. there is six units kind of a flat style residence. some people have returned to
5:06 am
their units to sleep all of them except those who were living at the bottom left unit. i am told by crews that is where the fire likely started. that is where they concentrated their efforts. it looks like a accident fire but the area is not level. people are trying to sift through things and figure out what happened. the good news is everyone is ok an accidental fire but certainly causing a whole lot of inconvenience this morning. >> thank you very good mike thank you. >> also following some of the east bay. bbs chance we'll following a police investigation in antioch at 2300 sycamore drive where this happened. police responded around 9:00 p.m. last night. there have been a shooting at the delta pines apartment when officers got there they went to apartment no. 43 that is where they found a man who
5:07 am
had been shot to death. in the same room there was an explosive device and improvised explosive device. the walnut creek bomb squad went in and were able to determine that it was not actually an explosive. they are investigating that death now with the antioch police department. >> and develop the story we are following eating fresh video from israel showing the attacks the airstrike attack into the gaza strip a hamas rocket was fired into israel. the palestinian death toll is up to 13. hamas militants controlled about less strict and have been firing rockets into israel. egyptian president say that pirelli's attacks on the gaza strip were unacceptable and in a telephone conversation with
5:08 am
president obama as well this is a fresh concern as the violence continues to escalate. and all out war could break out between israel and hamas. we will be right back as the kron fo4 news continues.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning several they on wall street. the dow sitting at 12,00570 that is a thousand points lower that it was an early october. bad news out of the year rose on the 17 nation european union sinking back into recession. the third quarter of the year showing that in the euro zone contracted. >> we are waiting of the weekly jobless claims come out they will come out at 5:30 a.m.. we will get an indication for last week how many americans filed for an appointment. the consumer price index will also be coming out. good news on
5:12 am
foreclosures. the pace is finally slowing for home center in the foreclosure process are actually being repossessed. some states there has been a slight uptake. the overall general trend in the u.s. appears that foreclosures are finally starting to grind somewhere to near a halt as forced to papace of the gross in that regard. >> 5:12 a.m. thanks for waking up with kron 4 news. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge bear if there is one car so it is all yours. we will be right back.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
the beginning of the commercial crab season starts today after fishermen and processors reached a deal on the price of crap. the fisherman will get $3 per pound for dungeon as scrap. with the start of the season we could see some crab in the stores as early as saturday. the season
5:16 am
opens this week along the coast. >> here is a double live look outside from our roof. on the right-hand side is the bay bridge on the left is our roof cam. it is dry for now. things will change. the morning erica. >> good morning james barrett we are dr temperatures n the mil. 47 in hayward. fortie'' out in my own view. it will be cooler this afternoon the sea breeze will kick in we will see an increase in cloud cover and winds along the coast. 66 for sunnyvale. 67 expected and mountain view. similar conditions to out the east bay. upper 64 fairfield concord. 69 in pleasanton. san leandro at 63. overall mild conditions
5:17 am
in the north bay. you could see low to mid 60's. franciscod 62 if you are heading to ocean beach. satellite and radar shows the bigger story the system we are tracking now it is hanging out in the pacific. it will continue to move closer to us. with that we will see an increase in a cloud cover. we will remain dry throughout most of the day. futurecast 4 shows by 6:00 p.m. still dry adjusted increase in clouds. later this evening 11:00 p.m., we have the potential for a shower coming to the coastline. the chances increase overnight. friday morning waking up 7:00 a.m. widespread rain blanketing the entire bay area. the yellow indicates moderate rate for the delta parts of the coastline and for parts of the east bay. we will continue to see rain heavy throughout the course of the day 3:00 p.m. maybe a dry breaks of the southern
5:18 am
peninsula. wet weather ahead of as you will need your umbrella. it looks like it could be a messy evening commute especially friday night. it looks like we are on the back into the system into saturday morning. saturday afternoon should be a dry one. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows saturday night heading into sunday we will see the heaviest rain around the bay. again, we could see up to an inch with the system. maybe a bit more in the higher elevations. we continue to track wet weather a series of storms not so sure how far south that will go. the southern communities looks like that chance decreases. on to traffic. >> still quiet in the traffic department erica. we are not looking at the hot spots are major delays and slowdowns. at the bay bridge here is the west bound ride. as we start our check on haiti. light
5:19 am
traffic leading into the macarthur maize. your san mateo bridge ride highway 92 no problems. 11 minutes in either direction whether east or west bound. your commute the golden gate bridge 101 southbound starting to pick up in the bottom in the southbound direction. no incidents or delays. as we check the drive time interstate 8014 minutes was down. no delays 18 minutes is the drive time. west bound 580 looks good. no problems were southbound freeways. your north bound by it is clear from novato and highway 37 down to the golden gate bridge. >> the british or co. bp has settled with the nine states. the offering to pay billions of dollars to the explosion and fire above the deep water horizon rick.
5:20 am
back in 2010reag. barig. there a separate settlement in march 7th $0.8 billion that was 100,000 individuals and businesses that suffered economic losses. now selling with the u.s. government crossing the wires into the store would be the employes will be facing manslaughter charges over the gulf oil spill. >> thank you mark. clean up crews in daly city have been preparing for the rain that we're expecting later tonight. following tuesday's mud slide. the live pictures we have been showing you city crews and residents have placed the bales of hay along the curbs to soak up any month that may wash down this weekend
5:21 am
as well as putting down barricades. we will have a live report coming up in daly city about 530. approximately 10 minutes from now. the boy is recovering after being hit by a car last night shortly after 5:00 p.m. in the 3500 block of lakeshore avenue in oakland. authorities said the child was taken to hospital with head trauma. his injuries last night did not appear to be life- threatening. hopefully he will pull through. authorities said the driver of the vehicle is stopped the scene and cooperate with responding officers. >> it has been a violent year for crime in antioch. officials say they're not enough police. take a look at the numbers. statistics show homicides are up 25% from this time last year. rape is up 33%. robberies and aggravated assaults are also up an increase. violent crime is up overall 37%
5:22 am
while simultaneously a rest are down 70%. council members say one option is a tax increase to pay for police officers lost in recent years to the budget cuts. >> we cannot do alone. we have to have the community support. they're part of the partnership of coming up with a solution. we have done all we can and the police chief is doing on he can't. >> of the city council does have a plan to reduce violent crime is the number one item on their agenda was a new council is one in office in january. >> the family of a " euro novato chrome pitted killed in september is filing a lawsuit haley radcliffe was it abouhit by a car. the police ruled it was an accident. they say haley failed to yield to oncoming traffic. however the plan said the city and the driver needs to be held responsible for her
5:23 am
death. to attorneys have filed a suit against the city of novato and hoping a change will be made to the roadway. the family is also showsuing the driver and the driver employed pg&e despite the fact that police said the driver did not break the law. >> is5:23 you have plenty of time to get ready and very little traffic on the approach to the bay bridge. if you are and oakland it is 50 degrees outside door. we're expecting highs of '60s. we will be right back.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
welcome back in this size:26. in national news the call russia north canton has been postponed. his attorney requested the delay after he was taken to the hospital their homes was taken for injury they will not say what it was buried homes is charged with killing 12 people and
5:27 am
wounding 58-- area is set for next month. employment prospects are up. employers will increase hiring people with associate degrees by as much as 30% next year. there is more news--holders of m b a is will decline in hiring prospects. >> 5:27. would be back with more a minute. that is good and look at walnut creek. traffic is light. visibility is not terrible we do have ride on the way.
5:28 am
5:29 am
we are back is5:30. we'll
5:30 am
watch in both traffic and weather. we have quite a bit of a change head our way today. >> good morning james. the transition day was warm is today. lots of locations and '70s. cool conditions today. the most recent models show the rain will back off today. later tonight it is the overnight hours win rain starts to approach. showers waking up tomorrow. lasting through the weekend. we have several days of active unsettled weather head of a spirit that will continue into the start of the next work week. satellite and radar showing a system approaching from the pacific. full details on futurecast 4 and a look a your afternoon highs. now on to traffic with george. >> off banking erica. a good commute. early to see any problems. it is still light traffic for the east bay even for highway four and
5:31 am
interstate 580. we are starting to see a little slowing but not much. south bay peninsula and north bay freeway are like. >> thank you george is 538 him. developing new is a high-speed chase that started on the bay bridge and ended on a trip to san francisco waco. but will tran is in 7 cisco talk about the crash. i just got off the phone with the chp new information. they have long this one for quite some time she is in their system 3 priority you eyes. i will get into that in a bit. in the meantime the youth --dui. ss wiped out traffic lights. this is 17th and south van
5:32 am
ness. here is video of another location the first location where she crashed this is 15th and natoma. they are not calling this person a bicyclist that she did that leave the person was walking. his bicycle when she slammed into a parked car. the park are move forward and hit the bicyclist or the pedestrian the pedestrian was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. in fact he was released a few moments ago. she did not stop there. she goes to four more blocks and turn the corner so quickly. she turns the corner so quickly that you can see skid marks here. she did make her turn and keeps going and slams into a parked truck. you can see the damage it lifted the truck and on the other side the tires. because of the collision and the impact it took the air out of the tire the ram is bent. we have
5:33 am
word that she is a 23 year old woman. she will be charged with felony abating chp. felony reckless driving. because of the three priory you dui conviction. she blows the off ramp on the bay bridge that was shut off. it was not available to the public. caltran was working on it. she blew through that that is when the officers saw her. >> they chased her for some time i know that they have protocol where they should give up the chase if it is hazardous. what was the situation? was a high-speed the whole time? did they think about deserting it? >> the chp said they did not follow her at top speeds it only lasted for a few miles.
5:34 am
it ultimately in did.
5:35 am
5:36 am
>> it is 5368 m periods >> to which an increase this is on small rise. while tuition hikes are not apart of the plan it doesn't depend on the states. when it comes time to approve it
5:37 am
governor jerry brown told the region not to come on a periods >> the state will have to increase by 12 percent every year. this is very unlikely to happen so tuition increases-- >> officials stated that without the money it were only a portion of the money in the universities will have to change their plans and what it will have to do. at what the cut plans or find additional ways to raise revenue. >> let's take a back outside. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. we have raid on the way and it is scheduled to enter sometime tonight. mountain view is at 43 degrees. they should rise to about 63 degrees.
5:38 am
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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newt >
5:41 am
>> it gives a fresh start for research. the problem jean is not common. there are only about 1% of people who may have this gene. it also seems to harm memory in older people without dementia. about 5 million people in the u.s. have alzheimer's. >> a another caffeine drink. five hours injurenergy. they stated that there are highly cafeteria. sales have increase up to 70%. they may
5:42 am
be a health risk and we want to look into this further. >> the reason is the due to super storm sandy. people can claim unemployment benefits if their work place is closed. this has been a one week spiked. we will continue to follow the latest on wall street.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> the top stories that we are following is a one-man leads police on a high-speed chase. it ended in the mission district. here is a look at these cards that ross smashed up. the parked car that cheat crashed into flew into a person who was walking with a bicycle. person was treated at a hospital and was released. >> a house fire--this
5:46 am
happened about 2:00 a.m.. nobody was hurt in this fire. >> cleanup crews and daly city continue due to the rain. that one to beat the rain that is expected to start tonight. city crews and residents are using hay and barricades with bulldozers to get all this mud out. >> nasa states that their telescope has completed its mission. they stated that it will be four more years for deep space. more than 100 planet start orbiting other stars. they're still researching and this was started back in 2009 and was designed to--.
5:47 am
>> let's take a look at our whether this morning. the golden gate bridges on the left. it looks a little hazy on the san mateo bridge. >> i have been looking at some of the models and some states that the rain will start as early as this afternoon. the rain may hold off to later on tonight and it may be much later. the day should be dry and there are no problems. we are live at the golden gate bridge and we're not contending with any more fog. we are on the mild side this morning and it is 52 and richmond, vallejo is at 49 degrees, pleasanton is in the upper 30's. fremont is waking up to 44 degrees. as we look
5:48 am
into afternoon will will warm-up to the '60s and the sea breeze will kick in. we could see gusty conditions along the coast line and you can expect mid 60's for downtown san francisco. 66 on top for san jose and as we take a look at the bigger picture. this is a system that we are tracking and will continue to push closer to the bay area. will see more in the way of cloud cover and the potential for raindrops. the looks like the freeway should be dry and is not until a 11:00 p.m. that we will see rain shower. when you wake up tomorrow morning it looks like it will be widespread rain. this may be a messy
5:49 am
commute for tomorrow morning. there will be more intense rain out in the delta. we will continue to see the showers mainly throughout friday and potentially by 3:00 p.m.. it looks to be a messy evening commute home and we will wake-up 6:00 a.m. on saturday and will be on the back end of the system. we will start to dry out for parts of the bay area. saturday afternoon looks to be a dry one. >> saturday evening into sunday we will anticipate to see if the heaviest rain fall. the wind gusts could get up to 30 mi. per hour. you should be prepared and monday through wednesday we have the potential for more wet weather. this will be at 30% chance. at 5:49 a.m.
5:50 am
this was your whether periods >> we're still not tracking any hot spots. let's take a look at the bay bridge. there are no problems on the span. the san mateo bridge ride is still small. we continued to track all the unusual delays that we have had over the past few months. muir ride across the golden gate still light with no problems. it is 16 minutes from hercules to berkeley. something has happened to my screen here and i do not think that will be able to erase his blue line. >> the ride on 588 in the westbound direction had into this blue circle is shown on your trip into walnut creek.
5:51 am
>> the signs are now pointing to alex smith starting on monday night football. he was back on the field yesterday and he was wearing a black jersey participated in noncontact practice. he stated that his concussion was after the second quarter and he had blurry vision. >> just go along with the process right now. it is up to the doctors and i am just doing what they tell me to do. i was able to go out today that stashed. >> he has passed all concussion test and the team that that will play will be the chicago bears. their quarterback was also knocked out of sunday's game with a
5:52 am
concussion. there's not sure whether not he will play, the night. >> this is one of the stars from olympics. she signed a letter of intent to swim for cal. she made it official yesterday and she is one of the most decorated swimmers. she earned medals while she was in high school. she only wants to swim for two years. >> it is by 50 2:00 a.m.. >> parents are holding-test we will tell you why. >> the traffic here on the
5:53 am
bay bridge is light.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> it is by 50 5:00 a.m.. >> look at these triplets. they are in the running to be in the guinness book world record. their babies weighed 20 lbs. at birth. between the three of them. the current record is just 18 lbs.. their mother had a calorie diet every day. >> and a dozen eggs every day and i have first breakfast, lunch, i was eating almost every hour. >> the babies went 37 weeks.
5:57 am
she looks healthy. they look healthy. >> i guess you are feeding a family of four. >> there were 20 lbs. and this is a record. >> will take a quick break at 6:00 a.m.. >> this woman leaves police on a high-speed chase and it ends in an accident. >> will have the new information on the the generals. >> we are expecting wets weather round the bay and we will have a check with the thursday then the weekend forecast.
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